Hello! Welcome to Cursive Knives.

My name is Terri-Jane, and I’ve been reading, writing and editing for longer than I should admit on the internet.

My creative writing has been published by Dear Damsels, Mishmash, Whale Road Review, and Black Fox, among others. I’m co-manager of Between Two Books and I was Oh Comely’s Book Club Editor. I’ve hosted book clubs and book launches, and interviewed some incredible authors to find out how they do it. Come and say hi on instagram.

What is Cursive Knives?

Cursive Knives is a community of writers and readers, with courses and workshops full of group readings and writing prompts. You can join as a Substack subscriber, join one of our hour-long mini workshops to kickstart your writing practice, or come to one of our longer courses. So far, we’ve delved into Sylvia Plath’s life and writing, we’ve read Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, and we’ve had an eclectic reading list of body horror short stories.

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